The recent petrol bomb attack on Class Media Group is an act of terrorism, Ghana Journalists Association President Albert Dwumfuor has said.

At this year’s World Press Freedom Day event at the Koforidua Technical University on Friday, 3rd May 2024, Mr. Dwumfuor said: “We cannot commemorate the occasion without addressing the evils against press freedom. One of them is attacks against journalists and the media. We need to hammer it because it appears the evildoers are not tired and they keep coming at us with more venom”. 

“It is in this respect that the GJA unreservedly condemns the recent petrol bomb attack on Class FM. That was clearly a terrorist act, and it’s a shame Ghana is fast degenerating into such culture of barbarism”, he said. 

He said: “I have visited the media house to see the handiwork of the terrorists and also interact with the management and staff”.

The GJA president said on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, the GJA is calling on the Ghana Police Service “to expedite investigations into the petrol bomb attack and prosecute the perpetrators.” 

“We believe the failure of the Police to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators would embolden others to commit such crimes, thinking that nothing would happen to them. Such impression will pose a great danger to the quest for national peace, especially as we prepare for Election 2024”, Mr. Dwumfuor warned. 

He noted: “We are aware these attacks are meant to intimidate journalists and the media but that will never happen”.

“We believe in Ghana Police’s capacity to catch perpetrators even without CCTV footage, as demonstrated yesterday when two of their colleagues were fatally shot at Trassaco”. 

“We will not teach the police how to execute their job, but we do urge them to take media attacks seriously”, he said.


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