The Anaesthesia and Pain Clinic at Ghana’s leading educational hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the Greater Accra Region, has been temporarily shut down.

The closure, effective February 26, 2024, has left scheduled surgery patients in a state of uncertainty.

Patients who had appointments for surgical procedures now find themselves stranded due to the clinic’s closure. 

The management of the clinic took this step to facilitate a refresher course, impacting the planned surgeries during this period.

Upon visiting the clinic on February 28, 2024,’s scout observed scores of patients, originally scheduled for surgery, left in limbo. 

A notice posted at the clinic’s entrance explained that the closure was part of a scheduled refresher course that commenced on February 26 and was set to conclude on February 29.

As a result, patients were seen aimlessly wandering around the area, grappling with the unexpected disruption to their medical plans.

The closure has temporarily evidently created challenges for those reliant on the services of the Anaesthesia and Pain Clinic at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital during this period.


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