The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) is under scrutiny for its refusal to comply with the directive of the National Labour Commission, which ordered the restoration of allowances for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) staff members. 

The Director-General of GBC, Professor Amin Alhassan, disclosed this during a Public Accounts Committee meeting convened to address issues highlighted in the 2021 Auditor General’s report.

The controversy arose in June 2023 when GBC staff protested against the FWSC’s decision to withdraw certain allowances. Following engagements between the parties, the National Labour Commission issued a directive instructing the FWSC to reinstate the allowances.

However, during the recent Public Accounts Committee sitting on July 21, the Director-General of GBC revealed that the FWSC had failed to implement the Labour Commission’s directive. Despite assurances from the FWSC to reverse its actions, the allowances for GBC staff members remain unreinstated as of the end of the week.

The refusal of the FWSC to restore the allowances has raised concerns regarding compliance with labour regulations and fair treatment of GBC staff. 

The Public Accounts Committee is expected to conduct further investigations to hold the relevant parties accountable for failing to implement the Labour Commission’s directive.


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